Challenges and Prospects for Bilateral Trade and Investment between Iran and South Korea



This paper aims to identify key challenges facing Iran and South Korea in their bilateral trade and investment relations. In particular, it is concerned with the policy implications which can be useful for policy makers and business people of both countries. For this purpose, we review and analyze the recent developments of the Iranian economy and bilateral trade and investment relations between Iran and Korea as well. Then, we discuss how the impact of the recent economic sanction imposed on Iran has affected the economy and the economic relations between Iran and Korea. Finally, this paper identifies the pattern of revealed comparative advantage (RCA) at the 2 digit sector level of the Harmonized System of classification. The analysis shows no similarities in the structure of comparative advantage for Iran and Korea. After identifying some key challenges, we discuss how both sides can overcome the obstacles to boost the mutually beneficial trade and investment.      JEL Classification: F11, F14